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Edit Google Docs on the move

Users of Android Froyo (2.2) and iOS (3.0+) devices (which includes the iPad!) can create and edit Google Docs on the go.

Go to docs.google.com on a supported device, select the doc you wish to edit and when your viewing it, click on Edit to enable the mobile support.  Check out this YouTube video showing the mobile editor in action

Generate FetchXML from your CRM 2011 Advanced Find queries

Dynamics 2011 has a neat little feature that allows you to generate an Advanced Find, then download the FetchXML representation of your query.
Go to Advanced Find, create your query and select “Download FetchXML”. Hey presto! just cut and paste it into your code.

FetchXML from an Advanced Find query in CRM 2011

Show the FetchXML version of your Advanced Find query