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Amazons Cloud Drive offers 5GB of Free Online Storage

Amazon Cloud DriveAmazon’s Cloud Drive gives you 5GB of free disk cloud storage space with unlimited access from any machine.  A seamless integration with Amazons MP3 Store allows you to store all your song purchases directly in the cloud and listen to them with the Amazon Cloud Player.

The new service has raised a few eyebrows with industry experts, claiming that incomplete license negotiations may make the service illegal.

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Memolane – your Social Media scrapbook

Have you every wondered how your Social Media interactions would look in a scrap book?  Take a look at Memolane and watch your digital life scroll right before your very eyes.

Memolane - Social Media memories in your personal scrapbookIntegrating with Twitter and Facebook, Flickr, Foursquare, YouTube and Picasa (and many many more) your personal Memolane is displayed as a date indexed view of everything you’ve said and done, photographed, commented, visited and shared.

The San Fransisco based team started life as an idea pitched at Startup Weekend Copenhagen in April 2010 and their story can be seen, as a Memolane of course, right here.

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CRM 2011 Online Plugin calling Authenticated Web Services

The ability to calls external web resources (sites and services) from within a CRM 2011 online plugin (running in the sandbox) is a major piece of integration kit.  The fact that the ability to do it in practice has been up in the air during the CRM 2011beta phase has been a bit of a worry.

The  code snippet below (from a CRM Online plugin) allows me to succesfully connect to a remote web service requiring Basic/API Realm credentials.

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Drupal finds a home on Windows Azure

Drupal running on Windows AzureDrupal is one of my favourite CMS and its great to see it running on Windows Azure. Check out the video on C9.