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CRM Notes can update the Regarding Record ModifiedOn Date

Changes in CRM record data is a common part of business process, and clients often use the “ModifiedOn” field in views as an indication of new information in a recordset. However, adding text in an entity “notes” field does not update the “ModifiedOn” date. A client using this pattern were looking for a simple configuration-only solution using Workflows. The following example describes how to implement the solution for the Opportunity entity.

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CRM 2011 Online integrated with TASGroup Dealmaker

Integrated servicesChannel 9 feature Dynamics CRM 2011 integrated with the Dealmaker sales management tool. This CRM online solution demonstrates many of the data and event integration points available in CRM 2011.

In this video Wendy Reed from The TAS Group showcases Dealmaker in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online.  Dealmaker helps sales people to sell smarter and manage better by embedding intelligent deal coaching, social networking, configurable sales process, and proven sales methodology.

Converting the CRM 2011 Customer Portal to use Forms Authentication and the ASP.NET SqlMembershipProvider

Out of the box, the CRM 2011 Customer Portal is integrated with LiveID authentication.  While this is a great example of an integrated authentication provider, it may not be the ideal solution for your business and it’s certainly a tricky configuration to get working in your debug environment.  All is not lost. It’s a very simple process to convert the out-of-the-box Customer Portal to use Forms Authentication and the SqlMembershipProvider.

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