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Palazzetti Ecofire Stove “Extraordinary Maintenance” Message

The Palazzetti Ecofire range of pellet stoves have an in-built maintenance warning that pops-up after a configured number of hours (usually 2000 hours).  The warning is nothing more than an annoying tone during startup, shutdown and at regular intervals.  The “Extraordinary Maintenance” warning can be cleared by the owner by following the steps below. This is particularly useful when access to an engineer is not immediately available.  It is important to ensure that a qualified engineer performs regular maintenance on the stove and avoiding maintenance will only reduce the lifespan and efficiency of the stove.

Accessing the Installation menu

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Use LINQ to “Zip” collections together

The Zip method pairs together the items in 2 Enumerable collections into 1 single  collection that can be used to enumerate through the paired items .  Each pair of items can then be operated on to produce a final collection. Put simply, the item at index 1 in my “Zipped” collection contains the items at index 1 from the original 2 collections. The Zip stops when one of the source collections runs out of items (since Zip cant make any more pairs of items).

Zip takes the two collections to index through and a function to apply on each index … Continue Reading