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Memolane – your Social Media scrapbook

Have you every wondered how your Social Media interactions would look in a scrap book?  Take a look at Memolane and watch your digital life scroll right before your very eyes.

Memolane - Social Media memories in your personal scrapbookIntegrating with Twitter and Facebook, Flickr, Foursquare, YouTube and Picasa (and many many more) your personal Memolane is displayed as a date indexed view of everything you’ve said and done, photographed, commented, visited and shared.

The San Fransisco based team started life as an idea pitched at Startup Weekend Copenhagen in April 2010 and their story can be seen, as a Memolane of course, right here.

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Social Media and the Customer Relationship

A recent report from Gartner says that worldwide enterprise social software revenue is on track to total $664.4 Million in 2010. This is a 14% increase on 2009 with a forecast growth for 2011 of 15.7% giving an expected revenue of around $769 million.

The use of social software to drive business is well knowm however take up is supprisingly slow. A Forbes article on “The Future of Selling: Its Social” states that although many U.S companies claim to have a social media strategy, only 9% of U.S salespeople have training in using social media for sales.

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