Palazzetti Ecofire Stove “Extraordinary Maintenance” Message

The Palazzetti Ecofire range of pellet stoves have an in-built maintenance warning that pops-up after a configured number of hours (usually 2000 hours).  The warning is nothing more than an annoying tone during startup, shutdown and at regular intervals.  The “Extraordinary Maintenance” warning can be cleared by the owner by following the steps below. This is particularly useful when access to an engineer is not immediately available.  It is important to ensure that a qualified engineer performs regular maintenance on the stove and avoiding maintenance will only reduce the lifespan and efficiency of the stove.

Accessing the Installation menu

The “Extraordinary Maintenance” alarm is reset from the Installation Menu which can be accessed as follows.

1. Note the time displayed on the stove.
2. Access the service menu.  Hold down the ON and ↑ buttons for approx. 5 seconds.  The MENU SERVICE will be displayed.
3. Press the down arrow (↓) to view the MENU INSTALLAT, click the OK button.
4. Use the ↑ and ↓ buttons to set the password, which is the first 3 numbers of the time noted in step 1.  In this example, the time 22:51 corresponds to a password of 225.
5. If the incorrect number is set, the message INCORRECT PASSWORD will be displayed, use the X button to return to the time display and check the time.
6. If the correct password number is entered, the MAN. EXTRAORD menu will be displayed.  Press the ↓ button to set the option to YES and press OK.
7. You should no longer see the EXTRAORDINARY MAINTENANCE warnings.

Adjusting the Extraordinary Maintenance hours

You can adjust the number of hours that must elapse before the next Extraordinary Maintenance warning is displayed.  This setting is held in the MENU SERVICE menu.

1. Follow steps 1 and 2 above to display the MENU SERVICE. Press OK to access the Service Menu.
2. Enter the password numbers as in step 4 (The time based password only works for SERVICE and INSTALLATION menus)
3. The display will show the HOUR COUNT and you can use the ↑ and ↓ buttons to adjust the hours accordingly.
4. Apply the change by pressing the OK button and use X to return to the main time display.

NOTE: Overriding the Extraordinary Maintenance warning should not be used to avoid using a qualified maintenance engineer.  Without proper maintenance, the safety, efficiency and lifespan of your stove can be seriously effected.